Grow Up to 60X More Veggies at Home.

Healthier Lifestyle starts with eating FRESH wholesome foods.  You can grow your own FRESH, Healthy, Organic vegetables with VGROW INDOOR Tower Vertically Easy HASSLE FREE. Grow a healthier you year-round.


Yes, you read that right...60, with a 0!

Well, VGrow Indoor allows you to do just that. VGrow Indoor is a compact vertical farming system that allows you to grow fresh,
chemical-free veggies even in your kitchen or office…sounds exciting, right?

Too Busy For Conventional Gardening?

VGrow Indoor has tested timer-based watering and
lighting, so you just have to turn it on and let it run (even your children could do it)…

Grow as many veggies as you want, whenever you want!

VGrow Indoor uses BioVertiponic GreenTech Soilless Cultivation Techniques to grow
up to 60X more veggies than the yield of your average outdoor garden…plus, our
customers love using it too!

Why should I use VGrow Indoor?

Well, here's what VGrow Indoor does for you...

No Space For Outdoor Gardening?

VGrow Indoor only needs 1sqft of space to help you grow fresh and healthy vegetables for you and your family at home.
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Does VGrow Indoor work as promised?

Let's have a look at what our customers had to say...

My family loves this so much, especially my grandchildren!

Ms LimHouse Wife

Listening to the sound of the water flow makes me feel calm.

Jia HuiOffice Lady

The leaves look greener and healthier.

Alicia NgHouse Wife

The kangkung (water spinach) leaves are huge!

Mr AngOffice Man

Here are more testimonials!

These include customer-taken videos and personal messages...

Scared of Chemically-Polluted Veggies?

VGrow Indoor uses BioVertiponic GreenTech Soilless Cultivation Techniques so there’s no need for pesticides or harmful chemicals.
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What are you waiting for?

12 VPots stacked vertically to save space

Automatic timer-based watering & lighting

Wheels for easy movement

Doesn’t consume much power (You can turn it off during the night)

Low maintenance (Only add water and fertilizer)

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We’ve also got some bonuses you can't refuse!

Once you’ve purchased a VGrow Indoor, you’ll get access to our exclusive
Membership Portal, personalised video tutorials, weekly training, and we’ll always be
ready to provide you with professional support throughout your wonderful journey
with us…
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About VictoryFarm

VictoryFarm is the 1st local company that has brought Rooftop Vertical Urban Farming to Malaysia, using BioVertiponics GreenTech Soilless Cultivation. Our VISION is to be a global leader in Urban Vertical Farming, whereas our MISSION is to create sustainable impact for humanity via efficient agriculture. In order to achieve our mission, we inspire people around the globe to grow vertically in order to save space and produce more veggies, which in turn, produces more oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide simultaneously to achieve SDG13.


We supply effective vertical farming systems to homeowners, commercial setups, offices, etc., that have not only reached a nationwide scale, but have now also entered the global stage with customers from countries such as Singapore, India, Philippines, Italy and many more! Nevertheless, we will try our best to keep improving our organization, in every area, in order to provide the best of the best for our beloved customers, partners, families and community. On top of that, we would also like to wish a massive and special thanks to our loyal customers who have believed in us, as well as supported us throughout our wonderful journey.


“Growing Forward Creating Sustainable Impact”

Get a VGROW INDOOR today and never worry about running out of fresh veggies!

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